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Monies raised from sales of Vermont Habitat Stamps go to the Species and Habitat Conservation Fund, which is used to purchase and maintain Wildlife Management Areas.

Projects Supported by the Fund Include:

  • Purchase lands for Wildlife Management Areas
  • Improve public access to land for fish and wildlife-based activities such as birdwatching, hunting, fishing, enjoying wildlife or simply connecting with nature
  • Protect and improve wetlands
  • Protect and enhance deer wintering areas
  • Implement wildlife habitat enhancements for turkeys, bears, deer, songbirds, bats, moose and all of Vermont's native wildlife

How to Purchase a Vermont Habitat Stamp

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Habitat Stamp

When you purchase a Vermont Habitat Stamp you help improve wildlife habitat and open land for outdoor recreation.

Please note: A stamp is not required to hunt, fish or trap, nor do you have to buy a sporting license to donate for a stamp.

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