Vermont's Moose Season Lottery is now open. Apply for a permit today.


Winners of the moose lottery for regular or archery moose and auction winners are not eligible to apply for a moose permit or to participate in the the moose permit auction for 3 years. If you won a permit within the last three years, you are not eligible to apply this year or buy a bonus point. Also, anyone who has held a valid moose permit in any of the previous three years cannot be designated as a subpermittee. Beginning with 2016 permit holders, eligibility increased to 5 years. Rules are subject to change.See chart below for more information:

Got a Permit via Lottery or Auction Eligible to Apply for a Permit & Eligible to be a Subpermittee
 2013  2017 (3 years)  
 2014  2018 (3 years)
 2015  2019 (3 years)
 2016  2022 (5 years)
 2017  2023 (5 years)

Proposed number of available permits:

  • Moose Archery Season (October 1 – 7): 17 permits
  • Moose Regular Season (October 21 – 26): 63 permits

Deadline to apply is: Monday July 3, 2017

Bonus Points: Remember, you gain points each year you apply, increasing your odds of being drawn. But you lose all your points if you don't apply for a year. So even if you don't plan on hunting this year, put in for a permit and click "Bonus Point Only."​

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