Each year the department randomly selects a group of licensed hunters to complete a survey to determine the average number of hours spent hunting, and to gather important wildlife sighting information during the November rifle season.

If you were selected, you would have received a letter and survey card in the mail. You can complete the survey using the card or by using our online form.

complete your survey online

Please complete the survey as soon as possible after rifle season ends on November 27, 2016, even if you do not hunt or do not harvest a deer during the November rifle season.

Do not give the survey to someone else. Your response, regardless of how much time you spent hunting or how many deer or other wildlife you saw, is important to ensure the accuracy and success of the survey.


  • Your participation in this survey is critical to the scientific management of deer and moose in the area you hunt.
  • The information you provide allows us to evaluate how hunting pressure and the number of deer seen varies throughout the season and around the state.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to directly contribute to the management of Vermont's deer and moose herds.

Thank you for your continued contribution to the management of Vermont’s white-tailed deer and moose resources.