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Waterfowl Hunting Zones

Printer Friendly Version of Waterfowl Hunting Zone Map

waterfowl zone map

Lake Champlain Zone:
The U.S. portion of Lake Champlain and that area north and west of the line extending from the New York border along U.S. 4 to VT 22A at Fair Haven; VT 22A to U.S. 7 at Vergennes; U.S. 7 to VT 78 at Swanton; VT 78 to VT 36; VT 36 to Maquam Bay on Lake Champlain; along and around the shoreline of Maquam Bay and Hog Island to VT 78 at the West Swanton Bridge; VT 78 to VT 2 in Alburg; VT 2 to the Richelieu River in Alburg; along the east shore of the Richelieu River to the Canadian border.

Interior Vermont Zone:
The portion of Vermont east of the Lake Champlain Zone and west of a line extending from the Massachusetts border at Interstate 91; north along Interstate 91 to U.S. 2; east along U.S. 2 to VT 102; north along VT 102 to VT 253; north along VT 253 to the Canadian border.

Connecticut River Zone:
The remaining portion of Vermont east of the Interior Zone. Migratory bird hunting seasons and rules for this zone are announced by the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department under their “Inland Zone” rules.

Connecticut River Reciprocal Agreement:
I. A person holding a Vermont resident hunting license which allows the taking of migratory waterfowl and coots, may take migratory game birds, as provided in RSA 209:5, except woodcock and snipe, from the Connecticut River zone, provided the state of Vermont grants the same right to a person holding a New Hampshire resident hunting license and waterfowl stamp which allows the taking of migratory game birds in the Connecticut River Zone in Vermont pursuant to Vt. Stat. Ann. Tit. 10, sec. 4009.

II. The Connecticut River Zone in New Hampshire shall include that portion of New Hampshire lying west of the line defined by New Hampshire Route 63 from the Massachusetts border north to Route 12; Route 12 north to Route 12-A; Route 12-A north to Route 10; Route 10 north to Route 135; Route 135 north to U.S. Route 3; U.S. Route 3 north to the intersection with the Connecticut River.

Printer Friendly Version of Waterfowl Hunting Zone Map


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