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Vermont's Turkey Season Starts Soon

Turkey hunting starts in Vermont on April 26 and 27, with Youth Turkey Season. The regular spring turkey hunting season is May 1-31. Shooting hours are one half hour before sunrise to 12:00 Noon. Two bearded turkeys may be taken, and all of Vermont is open to turkey hunting during the youth weekend and regular spring season.  A shotgun or bow and arrow may be used in the youth turkey or regular spring turkey hunting seasons. Shot size must be no larger than #2 and no smaller than #8.

What makes Vermont’s spring gobbler season special?
Vermont’s hunting is statewide during the spring season. Vermont’s turkey population is one of the highest in New England. You can buy a turkey hunting license without having to go through a lottery. The turkey license comes with two spring tags for two bearded birds, and one tag for a turkey of either sex in the fall season. Plus, you get to hunt the entire weekend, because hunting is allowed on Sundays.

Youth Turkey Season
Landowner permission is required to hunt on private land during the youth hunt, whether or not the land is posted. To be eligible, a youth must be age 15 or under. The youth must have successfully completed a hunter education course and possess a hunting license, a turkey hunting license and a free youth turkey hunting tag.

The youth also must be accompanied by, and in direct control and supervision of, an unarmed adult who holds a hunting license and is over 18 years of age. The adult must be able to see and communicate with the youth without using artificial devices such as radios or binoculars.

The youth may take one bearded turkey during youth weekend and two bearded turkeys in the regular May hunting season.

Check out our Turkey Season Guide or the 2013 Turkey Harvest Summary for more information.

To learn more about the department and for a complete listing of staff, visit the About Us section of our web site.

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