The annual moose hunting permit auction helps fund Fish & Wildlife Department educational programs, such as the Green Mountain Conservation Camps for youths.

Five permits will be auctioned for Vermont’s moose hunting seasons (Archery Only and Regular). The permits are valid for only one season (Archery Only or Regular) and are for bulls only.

There is a minimum bid of $1,500.


Bids need to be received in the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Licensing office no later than 4:30 pm on August 10, to be eligible for this year’s auction.


Bids must be submitted on the Department’s Moose Permit Bid Form available by calling our licensing division at 802-828-1190 or emailing


Winners of the moose lottery for regular or archery moose and auction winners are not eligible to apply for a moose permit or to participate in the moose permit auction for 3 years. If you won a permit within the last three years, you are not eligible to apply this year or buy a bonus point. Also, anyone who has held a valid moose permit in any of the previous three years cannot be designated as a subpermittee. Beginning with 2016 permit holders, eligibility will increase to 5 years. Rules are subject to change.See chart below for more information:

Got a Permit via Lottery or Auction Eligible to Apply for a Permit & Eligible to be a Subpermittee
 2013  2017 (3 years)        
 2014  2018 (3 years)
 2015  2019 (3 years)  
 2016  2022 (5 years)
 2017  2023 (5 years)