living with wildlife
People and wildlife can coexist if we recognize the importance of respecting the wildness of wildlife.

Living with Black Bears

When bears venture into human territory, problems can occur. Find out what you can do to stay safe and keep bears out of trouble.

If you see a bear in a residential area or you encounter an aggressive bear, please contact the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

Report a Bear Incident

Got Bats?

Learn to live with bats and help with their long-term conservation.

Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

Learn what to do if you find a sick or injured animal.

find a wildlife rehabilitator

Rare Furbearer Reporting Form

Use this form only for reporting American marten, Canada lynx, mountain lion, and wolf.

Report a Rare Furbearer sighting

Nuisance Wildlife

Find help when wildlife becomes a nuisance.