Vermont abounds in wildlife.  With a little preparation, some caution, and luck you can witness the state’s natural abundance.

Every season in Vermont has its own wildlife-watching opportunities. Perhaps you enjoy seeing tracks in the snow, hearing birds in the spring or chorus frogs around a vernal pool, summer brings migrant shore birds, and autumn visits of white-tail deer?

Here you’ll find some great leads for where to go and how to do it safely for both you and the wildlife.


September: Cool mornings and colorful leaves make September a great time to be outdoors in Vermont.  Bull moose are starting to achieve full-sized antlers, and may start moving around more towards the end of the month as they begin their search for cow moose to breed.  Shorebirds can be found at the beginning of September at the mud flats at Dead Creek WMA in Addison.  Hawks on the wing are buzzing by Mt. Philo and Snake Mountain as they migrate south.  And the first northern migrant songbirds begin showing up as they pass through the state towards warmer, sunnier climates. 


Top 10 Wildlife Watching Experiences in Vermont

From moose in the Northeast Kingdom to snow geese in the Champlain Valley, here is Vermont’s wildlife watching hot spots.


Wildlife Viewing Tips

Find the basic tips to get you closer to wildlife.


Tips for Protecting Wildlife

While it’s great to get close to nature, remember wildlife need their space. Here are some suggestions to safely share the outdoors with wildlife.

birding equipment

Bird Watching

Birding is a popular activity enjoyed by many Vermonters. Learn how to get started, where to go, what to look, and backyard birdfeeder basics.


Wildlife Watching Month to Month

Check out this chart to see which wildlife viewing activities are happening when.


Wildlife Watching Resources

Need more information? Here you’ll find more leads on watching wildlife in Vermont.