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Hammond Cove Shooting Range Closure Delayed Until July 15

Vermont Fish & Wildlife will now be closing its Hammond Cove Shooting Range in Hartland for two weeks starting July 15, rather than on the earlier announced date of July 8, in order to remove lead projectiles from the long gun and pistol berms. 

Lead Reclamation is an important activity for any shooting range as it minimizes the amount of lead available in the environment that could impact surface water, ground water, birds, and other wildlife.  The project will be completed in two steps.  First, the pistol and long gun berms will be excavated, and power sifted through various sized screens to remove a large percentage of the lead.  Secondly, the berms will be reconstructed and stabilized using seed and straw matting.

The most notable change that will occur during this closure is that the pistol berm will be relocated from 20 yards to 50 yards.  This will allow shooters to further develop their skills and increase their accuracy in the field.  Range Safety Officers will continue to be present to ensure that all rules are being followed.

For a full list of rules and hours of operation at the Hammond Cove Shooting Range, please visit

For Immediate Release:  July 3, 2019
Media Contacts: Alison Thomas 802-371-9975, Dylan Smith 802-622-4331