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Report a Violation

Use this form to report fish and wildlife law violations in Vermont such as poaching (the illegal take of game or fish) trespassing, littering, theft or destroying property. 

Your report remains anonymous, if you wish. Providing your personal information is strictly optional. However, providing this information so a Game Warden can contact you if they have additional questions may assist in apprehending the violators.

Provide us with as much information as possible on the form below, including the nature of suspected illegal activity, location of suspected illegal activity (e.g. road or route), date and time of violation, name and/or description of violator, description of any vehicle involved, and any other vital information that may help in apprehending the violator.

All fields are optional except date of violation, town of violation and specific location. Your information will still be forwarded to a Game Warden even if you do not provide your personal information.

About the Violation

Type of Violation

About the Suspect

If you know the suspect's name please enter it.
If you know the address or partial address, please provide it.

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