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Deer Ages Available on VTF&W Website

Hunters who provided the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department with a tooth from their deer can now find out how old their deer was by visiting the department’s website.

A total of 1,966 usable deer teeth were received from successful hunters in 2023.  When added to the 952 deer examined by biologists during the youth and regular November seasons, the department was able to get accurate ages for 2,918 deer.

“We are thankful to the thousands of hunters who supported our deer management efforts by providing us with a tooth from their deer,” said Deer Project Leader Nick Fortin.  “This age information helps us estimate deer population size and assess the health of deer.  It is also critically important for understanding the effects of hunting regulations on the deer population and buck age structure.”

The oldest deer harvested was a 19-year-old doe taken in Leicester.  The oldest bucks were 12 years old and were taken in Whitingham and Vershire.

The deer ages can be found on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife website with a link from the home page.