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Vermont is home to thousands of diverse animal speices. Whether they have scales, feathers, or fur, wildlife find suitable habitats throughout the Green Mountain State.

Animal Inventory

Discover the diversity of animals found in Vermont.

Vermont Critters

Learn about the life history and more of some of Vermont's more common wildlife.

Vermont's Endangered and Threatened Species

long-eared bat
What species are listed as threatened or endangered in Vermont, and what’s being done to promote their recovery.

Vermont's Wildlife Action Plan

"cover for Wildlife Action Plan
The goal of the Wildlife Action Plan is to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered through early, strategic efforts to conserve wildlife and habitat.

Vermont's Big Game Management Plan - 2020-2030

cover for Big Game Management Plan
Vermont’s 2020-2030 Big Game Management Plan guides deer, bear, moose, and wild turkey management, identifying the issues these species face such as habitat loss and disease, establishing sustainable population and management goals, and prescribing strategies needed to achieve those goals.