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Antlerless Deer Muzzleloader Lottery

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28,300 antlerless deer permits will be issued for the 2024 Muzzleloader Hunting Season.
You are encouraged to apply early. The drawing for the permits will occur in September and the winners will be posted on our website.

Deadline to apply is: July 31, 2024

Apply for a Permit Online (there will be no paper applications available this year)

  • Hunters must apply online for an antlerless muzzleloader permit, and will do so through the online license sales system as if they were purchasing a license or a tag using their Conservation ID number, or CID#.
  • Landowners who do not have a Conservation ID number will need to create a profile through the online license sales system to apply for a landowner application even if they do not intend to purchase a hunting license.
  • Permanent and lifetime license holders will apply through the online license system as well.

Apply Online Now

Landowners who post their land may not apply for a muzzleloader landowner priority antlerless deer permit.

Questions? Call 802-828-1190 or email


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