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Beginner's Basics Videos

Here are a series of videos to help new anglers get started learning how to fish in open water. 

Spincast Rod and Reel Basics

Spincasting rod and reel combos are the perfect type of outfit for beginners just learning how to fish. This type of reel is perfect for casting light lures and baits, and it reduces line twist. This video demonstrates the proper way to use a spincast rod and reel setup, and provides some tips on how to rig a hook and bobber with live bait. 

Spinning Reel Basics

A spinning rod and reel setup is the natural progression for new anglers looking to move up from a spincast outfit. Spinning rod and reel combos offer more versatility for a variety of fishing techniques and lures. This video provides an introduction to the spinning rod and reel setup, the basics of casting and fishing with them, and a demonstration of some of the simple baits and lures that can be effectively fished on a spinning setup. 

Fly Fishing Basics

New anglers are often drawn to fly fishing because of the graceful casting and beautiful settings it is often practiced in. Though it can be a challenge to master, getting started and learning the basics of fly fishing is not difficult. This video covers the basics of fly fishing and shows you what gear and equipment you need to get started, and then demonstrates how to cast a virtually weightless fly on a fly fishing setup.

Fishing Knot Basics

Sometimes the only thing that determines whether an angler loses or lands a fish of a lifetime is the fishing knot you tie your hook or lure on with!  Understanding how to tie a strong, secure knot is a basic skill new anglers need to learn and master.

This video demonstrates how to tie three simple fishing knots: 1) The Clinch Knot, 2) the Palomar Knot (both for tying on hooks, flies and lures), and 3) the Arbor Knot (for attaching new fishing line to an empty reel spool).

Setting up a hook and bobber (with sinker) on fishing line 

Join VFWD Fisheries Management staff and learn how to easily rig up your fishing line and start catching panfish.

Finding and Fishing with Worms

Join VFWD's Fisheries Management staff and learn how to find worms and how to fish with them.

How to Safely Handle Fish for Catch & Release Fishing

While keeping fish for a fresh, locally sourced meal is one of the many benefits of fishing, many anglers choose to catch and release fish.  To ensure the fish you release are healthy, survive, and live to be caught another day, there are some basic precautions and measures anglers should take when landing, handling, and releasing the fish.

This video discusses the various tools that anglers should have so they are ready to carefully and safely land, unhook and release a fish to ensure it survives.  It also discusses safe fish handling practices, and how to support and hold fish properly to avoid injuring them.

How to Use the New "Vermont Outdoors" Mobile App to Find Fishing Opportunities

The new "Vermont Outdoors" mobile app, now available for iPhones in the Apple App Store and for Android phones on Google Play, is an excellent tool that will help you find new places to fish. Anglers can use the map-based features to find and get directions to boat ramps and access areas, baitshops, fish stocking locations, review fishing regulations for waters near you, and much more. This video gives you an introductory look at the new Mobile App and shows you how to nagivate through the menu to find different fishing related features.

Web Resources to Find Local Places to Fish in Vermont

Vermont has abundant and diverse fishing opportunities around the state, and there's always somewhere nearby and local to fish. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has several tools that can help you learn about fishing opportunities and find new places to try. This video shows you how to use some of these tools that can be found on the department's website, as well as the Vermont Master Angler Program, and the Vermont Guide to Fishing Regulations.

Smoked Trout in Brown Sugar and Salt Brine

Brining and smoking is a delicious way to prepare a meal of freshly caught Vermont brook trout. This video goes over the equipment and ingredients needed to prepare a brown sugar and salt brine, and then slow smoke trout to perfection.  

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