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Lakes With Restrictions to Ice Fishing

General fishing regulations allow anglers to ice fish for trout, salmon and bass from January 1 through March 15 on most state waters, with the following exceptions:

Waters closed to Bass Harvest December 1 through the Friday before the second Saturday in June:

  • Austin Pond, Hubbardton
  • Black Pond, Hubbardton
  • Blueberry Lake (Warren Lake), Warren
  • Breese Pond, Hubbardton
  • Bullhead Pond, Manchester
  • Gale Meadows, Londonderry
  • Half Moon Pond, Hubbardton
  • Lily Pond, Vernon
  • Lowell Lake, Londonderry
  • Mill Pond, Windsor
  • Raponda Lake, Wilmington
  • Retreat Meadows, Brattleboro
  • Roach Pond, Hubbardton
  • Runnemede Lake, Windsor
  • Sadawga, Whitingham
  • Weatherhead Hollow, Guilford

Waters closed to all fishing from November 1 through the Friday before the second Saturday in April (aka Seasonally Closed Waters):

  • Bald Hill Pond, Westmore
  • Beaver Pond, Holland
  • Beck Pond, Newark
  • Beebe Pond, Sunderland
  • Big Mud Pond, Mt. Tabor
  • Bourn Pond, Sunderland
  • Branch Pond, Sunderland
  • Cary Pond, Walden
  • Cow Mountain Pond, Granby
  • Duck Pond, Sutton
  • Forest Lake, Averill
  • Griffith Lake, Mt. Tabor
  • Holland Pond, Holland
  • Jobs Pond, Westmore
  • Lake Pleiad, Hancock
  • Levi Pond, Groton
  • Lewis Pond, Lewis
  • Little Rock Pond, Wallingford
  • Long Pond, Westmore
  • Marl Pond, Sutton
  • Martins Pond, Peacham
  • North Pond, Chittenden
  • Notch Pond, Ferdinand
  • Noyes (Seyon) Pond, Groton
  • Perch Pond (Zack Woods Pond), Hyde Park
  • Pigeon Pond, Groton
  • Red Mill Pond, Woodford
  • Silver Lake, Leicester
  • South America Pond, Ferdinand
  • South Pond, Marlboro
  • Spring Lake, Shrewsbury
  • Stannard Pond, Stannard
  • Sterling Pond, Cambridge
  • Stoughton Pond, Weathersfield
  • Stratton Pond, Stratton
  • Unknown Pond, Averys Gore
  • Unknown Pond, Ferdinand
  • Vail Pond, Sutton
  • Vernon Hatchery Pond, Vernon
  • West Mountain Pond, Maidstone
  • Wheeler Pond, Barton and Sutton
  • Zack Woods (Perch Pond), Hyde Park

See Index of Lakes & Ponds and Tables in the Vermont Fishing Guide & Regulations  for species length limits and daily limits.

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