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Updated Fishing Regulations Overview

In 2022 the fishing regulations in Vermont were updated considerably. We’ve worked with our biologists, warden service staff, fish and wildlife board, and the public to develop regulations that are easier to understand while still providing protection for fish populations across Vermont.

Don’t worry, most of the new regulations have been simplified and provide additional fishing opportunities. If you fish like you have in the past you will be legal, with a few exceptions.

If the water isn’t listed in the  Index of Rivers and Streams or the Index of Lakes and Ponds it falls under general regulations (Table 1). A working list of these waters is also available using the Online Regulations Tool.  

For the full rule see Title 10 VSA, § 122

Some Highlights of the Changes

  • You can now fish year-round using artificial lures and flies for almost any species in any water if you practice catch and release.

  • In certain lakes and ponds, the winter harvest season for trout now starts January 1.

  • You can now keep 8 trout from streams and rivers. This means 8 total fish of any combination of brook, brown or rainbow trout.

  • Many waters that were previously seasonally closed are now managed under general regulations.

  • All these changes means that the number of regulation tables in the Fishing Guide has been reduced from 10 to 3.

Fishing Regulations FAQs

Check out this page for answers to some commonly asked questions about the updated fishing regulations.

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