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Online Fishing Regulations Tool

fish regs on mobile phone

Fishing regulations are important tools for managing Vermont's diverse fisheries and meeting the varied desires of the angling public. Our Online Fishing Regulations Tool uses current technologies to make obtaining regulation information quick and simple.

Fishing Regs at Your Fingertips

This internet-based tool offers multiple functions, including:

  • Interactive Map System - lets users select any waterbody in the state and have instantaneous access to fishing regulations specific to that body of water.

  • Current Location Feature – the map also works in coordination with the Global Positioning System (GPS) in many mobile devices, allowing users to view fisheries regulations for their current location.

  • Lookup Tables - allows users to view regulations by selecting a waterbody, town, or county from a comprehensive lookup list.

Online Fishing Regs Tool

Regardless of the pathway, the final result is a simple and clear list of fisheries regulations for each waterbody.