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May: May is possibly the best month for wildlife watching in Vermont!  At long last the buds come out, the birds come back, and the frogs come alive!  Moose are out and about looking for spring foods and sometimes congregate in salty areas along the road looking to replace the minerals they lost over the winter.  The biggest wave of migratory songbirds moves through the state in May, with some birds that are rarely seen in Vermont passing through for just a short time while on their way to points further north.  The ones that are staying to nest and raise their young are singing their heads off this time of year, making them much easier to spot than when they quiet down later in the winter.  The spring amphibian migrations continue through the month, making May a great time to listen for spring peepers, wood frogs, or gray treefrogs.  You may see snakes out basking on warm sunny days or searching an old stone wall for something to eat.   

Vermont abounds in wildlife. With a little preparation, some caution, and luck you can witness the state’s natural abundance.

Every season in Vermont has its own wildlife-watching opportunities. Perhaps you enjoy seeing tracks in the snow, hearing birds in the spring or chorus frogs around a vernal pool, summer brings migrant shore birds, and autumn visits of white-tail deer?


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