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Landowner Resources

Vermont's wildlife belongs to all of us, but 85 percent of the state is owned by you, the private landowner.  The future of Vermont's wildlife, and the ability of your neighbors to enjoy our wildlife, is in your hands.

Wildlife Habitat Management for Lands in Vermont - A Landowner's Guide

This manual provides useful information and guidance to landowners, foresters, wildlife biologists and others interested in managing land for the benefit of fish and wildlife.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat in Vermont

This booklet is written for those who would like to enjoy wildlife at home and features many ideas to successfully attract wildlife to Vermont backyards.

Creating Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard Woods

Presentation by Andrea Shortsleeves, habitat biologist for the department, on things you can do to improve forest health and wildlife habitat on your land.

Habitat Help for Landowners

Here are some other resources to help manage and conserve your property for wildlife.

Conservation Options for Your Land

Your land is part of your legacy.  Here is some help for planning what will happen to your property after you are gone.

Landowner-Hunter Connection

This site offers landowners and sportsmen a way to connect and develop a relationship to help manage deer densities, reduce property damage and improve habitat.

Private Land and Public Access

Vermont law provides a number of landowner protections that support your control of public use on your land.

Managing Your Pond

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about managing fish ponds.

LIEP Invasive Species Program

Learn what you can do to manage and protect your land and Vermont from harmful invasive species.