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Bird Watching

Birding is a popular activity enjoyed by many Vermonters. In fact, the state leads the nation with the highest percentage of residents participating in bird watching away from home. Use the links below to learn more about this great outdoor activity.

Getting Started Birding

chickadee on side of treeEverything you need to get started in birding, from where and when to go, to information on joining a birding group.


Birds for Every Level

nuthatch on a branchHere are some checklists for birders at all experience levels, from absolute beginners to the pros. 


Backyard Birdfeeders

songbird on a feederHere's how to make sure you are keeping birds and other wildlife safe when feeding birds.


Top 10 Wildlife Management Areas For Birding

man looking through a spotting scope over a wetlandWildlife Management Areas, which are owned and operated by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, represent some of the best places in the state to see birds. 


Vermont Bird Reports

goldfinchWildlife biologist and nongame bird project leader Doug Morin offers bi-weekly reports featuring local bird sightings, species spotlights and tips for successful birding adventures.


Birding Ethics

women with binocularsBirding is a great way to connect with nature, but it should always be done in a way that shows respect for the birds we all enjoy. Here's how!