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Contact a Warden

Game Wardens enforce fish and wildlife, boat, snowmobile, ATV, and general criminal laws. They can be reached by calling their home or the nearest State Police dispatcher.

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Report a Violation

Game Warden patrol district map

To report fish and wildlife violations call the Operation Game Thief toll free number 1-800-75ALERT (1-800-752-5378). Call this number anytime the violation is in progress or time sensitive.

You can also report fish and wildlife violations using the Operation Game Thief online form.

Law Enforcement Central Office Contact Numbers

802-828-1483 | 802-828-1529

Recreational Boating Enforcement & Education

Sgt. Jenna Reed  802-279-9058

Game Warden Patrol Map

View large (22"x 34") statewide Game Warden patrol area map

View letter-sized statewide Game Warden patrol area map

Warden Listing by District

Central District

Warden State Police Phone Cell Phone Patrol District
Lt. Butler, Wesley 802-786-3865 - Rutland Office   Central
Sgt. Whipple, Jeffrey 802-234-9933 802-535-5220 Fairlee
Spc. Whitlock, Dale 802-388-4919 802-777-6269 New Haven
Daversa, Louis 802-773-9101 802-595-9034 Fair Haven
Goodwin, Justin 802-388-4919 802-595-2509 Middlebury
Kline, Bella 802-234-9933 802-595-3533 Randolph
Serra, Abigail 802-773-9101 802-793-1270 Rutland
Truong, John 802-773-9101 802-595-3302 Barre

Northeastern District

Warden State Police Phone Cell Phone Patrol District
Lt. Scott, Mike 802-751-0103 - St. Johnsbury Office   Northeast
Sgt. Hazard, Randy 802-334-8881 802-793-3321 Canaan
Circe, Dustin 802-229-9191 802-793-6629 Montpelier
Jackman, Cody 802-748-3111 802-279-3560 Lyndonville
Johnson, Jake 802-334-8881 802-917-6264 Derby
Lumsden, Nathan 802-229-9191 802-595-3526 Bradford
Palmer, Katie 802-748-3111 802-353-9535 Hardwick
Seegers, Will 802-748-3111 802-498-5351 St. Johnsbury

Northwestern District

Warden State Police Phone Cell Phone Patrol District
Lt. Currier, Robert 802-879-5669- Essex Office   Northwest
Sgt. Joyal, Dana 802-878-7111 802-498-5469 Charlotte
Spc. Snyder, Dustin 802-524-5993 802-279-9275 St. Albans
Barrett, Chad 802-229-9191 802-224-6324 Waterbury 
Coffey, Ethan 802-878-7111 802-793-3114 Hyde Park
Hungerford, Josh 802-524-5993 802-498-5468 Enosburg
Sargent, Asa 802-878-7111 802-793-6705 Burlington
Schmid, Jeremy 802-878-7111 802-595-4815 Underhill
Thiel, Matt 802-524-5993 802-224-6157 Alburgh

Southern District

Warden State Police Phone Cell Phone Patrol District
Lt. Gravelle, Jason 802-289-0603-Springfield Office   Southern
Sgt. Carey, Timothy 802-773-9101 802-793-2776 Mt. Holly
Spc. Buttle, Travis 802-442-5421 802-777-6281 Bennington
Isherwood, Kyle 802-722-4600 802-279-8935 Londonderry
Lockerby, David 802-722-4600 802-917-6263 Springfield
Price, Kelly 802-257-7101 802-380-3723 Brattleboro
Turner, Justin 802-442-5421 802-595-8754 Poultney
Watkin, Richard 802-722-4600 802-793-9416 Wilmington