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In-Person Certification Courses

Who can take an in-person course?:

  • Anyone of any age, gender, experience level, race, ability, etc. may take an in-person hunter, bowhunter, or trapper education course. However, the courses and the homework are conducted at a 6th grade reading level. 
  • In order to pass the class, students must pass a written exam, display maturity with a firearm or bow, and conduct themselves safely during the class (most especially with firearms). Certification is at the discretion of highly-trained instructors. 
  • If you require an accommodation to successfully complete your class, please contact our office at 802-828-1193 or e-mail 

Homework requirements: 

  • Many of the in-person courses will require homework to be completed prior to starting the course. Please pay attention to the course descriptions and plan accordingly. 

  • Some courses will have a link to complete the homework online, while others will need you to complete a physical workbook and manual. You can get the manuals and workbooks mailed to you by contacting the Hunter Education Program at 802-828-1193 or emailing 

Class availability: 

  • The majority of courses are offered leading up to the spring and fall hunting seasons (March-April and July-September). 
  • Our volunteer instructors offer over 100 in-person hunter, bowhunter, combination, and trapper education courses throughout Vermont each year. 
  • Courses are offered based on the availability of our instructors so there is no set schedule year to year. You should check the schedule frequently as new courses are generally listed about a month in advance and may fill up quickly. 

Canceling your registration: 

  • If you need to switch to another course, or can’t make the class you signed up for, please cancel your original registration. Failure to do so may prevent someone else from being able to get into a course.

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Online Certification

Who can take hunter/bowhunter education online? 

  • Vermont Residents 18 years of age and older can become certified for hunter and bowhunter education completely online. Upon completion of the online course the student will be emailed their certification to print out. They are then eligible to purchase the corresponding license. 
  • Not all states accept this online certification option, so if you plan to hunt out of state, make sure you know their rules and regulations around certification requirements.
  • A Vermont resident is a person whose primary residence has been Vermont for at least 6 months and does not claim residency in any other state.
  • Please note, your online only course certification may not be valid in Vermont. Please call the Vermont Hunter Education Program 802-828-1193 to verify or if you have questions.

I am having trouble with the online course, who do I contact? 

  • If you are having trouble accessing the online course, please contact the online course provider at 1-800-830-2268.

Official Vermont Online Hunter Education Course

Official Vermont Online Bowhunter Education Course

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

If you are looking to become a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, please contact Mary Beth Adler for more information. Mary Beth Adler: Springfield Office, 802-289-0629,