Furbearers and Trapping

Furbearer refers to mammals that traditionally have been hunted and trapped primarily for fur.

Furbearing animals include:

Furbearers that are legally harvested for human use are always common and abundant. Use the links below for more information on hunting and trapping furbearers.


Furbearer Hunting & Trapping

Here you’ll find license information, season dates, regulations and more.




The Role of Regulated Trapping and the Management of Furbearers in Vermont

Learn about the benefits of trapping and its importance in furbearer research and management.


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Trapper Annual Activity Report

Use this form to report your trapping activities. Reports must be submitted whether or not any trapping was done or any furs were taken


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Trapper Education & Workshops

First-time trappers must successfully complete a trapper education program covering skills, regulations, and trapping's role in scientific wildlife management. Trapper education programs teach basic techniques with a strong focus on the responsible treatment of animals, legal methods, safety, selectivity, and ethical trapper behavior.

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Newsletters & Other Publications

Check out our annual newsletter featuring season results, furbearer factsheets and other publications on trapping.


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Human-Wildlife Conflict Control

Are you interested in helping with human-wildlife conflicts? Use our online form to be added to our list of individuals offering nuisance control services.


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Furbearer Species Information

Learn more about Vermont’s furbearers.


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