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White-Tailed Deer Tooth Collection Project

running buck

The department is asking all successful 16-day regular November season hunters to provide a tooth from their buck, regardless of its size or age.

The tooth is used to accurately age the deer and provides information critical for managing Vermont's deer herd. We will publish the age information on our website in the spring.

When You Report Your Deer

  • Remove one of the middle incisor teeth, including the whole root.

  • Tooth envelopes and tooth removal instructions are available at reporting stations. Place tooth in the tooth envelope, write your Conservation ID, Name, and Date of Kill on the envelope and it give to the reporting agent or mail to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife office in Rutland VT at 271 North Main Street, Suite 215.

 Removing a tooth does not affect a taxidermist's ability to mount your deer.

Download tooth removal instructions

Watch tooth removal how-to video

How Will This Information Be Used?

deer incisors and cross-section of root

This information will help us:

  • Estimate population size, growth rate and mortality rates.

  • Relate age to body weight and antler measurements as indicators of population health.

Thank you to all of the hunters who provided a tooth from their deer since 2015. Click the link below to learn the age of your deer.

Check the age of your deer