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Using Baitfish in Vermont


The Baitfish Regulation:

  • Establishes an east and a west baitfish zone within which baitfish can be used (not between). 

View Zone Info and Map

  • Establishes a list of black-list waters that have high fish disease or invasive species risk. Baitfish can be used on these waters but may not be used on other waters. 

View Black-list Waters List and Map

  • Extends the time that baitfish transportation receipts are valid from 4 days to 10 days.

  • Establishes new baitfish holding rules that account for baitfish zones and black-list waters.

  • Allows anglers to harvest and move approved wild baitfish species from waterbodies through a wild baitfish endorsement that can be added at no cost to an angler’s fishing/combination license.

View Wild Baitfish Endorsement Info

  • Allows commercial baitshops to harvest approved wild baitfish species from a baitfish zone (i.e rainbow smelt, white sucker, etc.) and sell them to anglers for use in that same baitfish zone. 

View Commercial Baitfish Deal Info 

I Buy My Baitfish 

Use this link to learn about the rules for anglers who purchase their bait from a dealer.

I Want to Harvest and Use My Own Wild Caught Baitfish

Use this link to learn the rules for harvesting your own wild caught bait and getting a wild baitfish endorsement.

I am a Commercial Baitfish Dealer

Use this link to learn the rules governing Commercial Baitfish Dealers.

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