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Bottom Lures - Crankbaits


Crankbaits are a multi-species lure and are a versatile tool for imitating various types of baitfish, triggering reaction strikes from both feeding and lethargic fish.

  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Year-round, open water

  • Species: All species-- From cold water species such as trout and salmon, to warm water fish like bass, pike, walleye, perch and panfish, a properly selected crankbait can often be one of the most important lures in an angler’s tackle box.

  • Types: Generally categorized into two types – lipped and lipless – crankbaits are made in an assortment of sizes, colors and styles, and are either lipped or weighted to be retrieved at different depths in the water column from just under the surface to over 15 feet deep.

  • How to Use: While sometimes fished for suspended fish, crankbaits are a deadly lure for grinding over and deflecting off bottom structure such as underwater rocks, channel swings and drops, stumps, brush piles, logs, and man-made structure like concrete piers and bridge abutments.

    Contact between a crankbait and bottom structure induces an erratic action into the bait that can often trigger a reaction strike from nearby fish. In addition to being a great fish-catching tool, crankbaits are also a great fish-finding tool in that they can be cast and retrieved quicker than other baits, therefore allowing an angler to cover more water until a productive section of water is found.