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Elmore State Park on Lake Elmore

Elmore State Park on Lake Elmore is located at 856 VT-12, Elmore, VT

map of Elmore State Park

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Lake Area:

224 acres

Lake Max. Depth:

18 feet

Fish Species

Yellow perch, northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, bullhead, panfish.

boy fishing at Lake Elmore


Most of Lake Elmore is shallow, with the deepest water ranging between 15 and 18 feet. While the shallow parts allow for growth of aquatic plants, the vegetation is very patchy. These scattered weed beds provide the main cover for Lake Elmore’s fish species.

Park Fishing Tips

The north and south ends of the lake are very shallow, with very gradual slopes into deeper water. A canoe, kayak, or boat is very helpful in reaching the more productive fishing grounds away from the shallow nearshore areas.

Fish near the edges of aquatic vegetation beds in 6 to 11 feet of water, where all the species that live in Lake Elmore can be caught. The yellow perch are very abundant, but they are generally small.

Nearby Fishing License Dealers

You can purchase a fishing license at Tomlinson’s Store in Morrisville, at The Fly Rod Shop in Stowe, or online.

Nearby Boating Access Areas

At Elmore State Park, campers may launch their canoes or kayaks from the park shoreline, or take advantage of Vermont Fish & Wildlife's Vaughn M. Douglass Fishing Access Area at the south end of the lake, which features a concrete boat ramp suitable for various types of watercraft, including motorboats.