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Green River Reservoir State Park

Green River Reservoir State Park offers fishing opportunities and is located at 1393 Green River Dam Rd, Hyde Park, VT

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Lake Area:

554 acres

Lake Max. Depth: 

80 feet 

Fish Species

Smallmouth bass, northern pike, chain pickerel, yellow perch, brown bullhead and various panfish. Brook trout are stocked in nearby Zack Woods Pond


Green River Reservoir is clear and cold year round with patches of lily pads, fallen trees and lots of rocks for great fish cover. The south end is generally deep with shallow bays while the north end is shallow.  It can support so many loons because of the abundant fish population. 

Park Fishing Tips

Perch fishing is excellent, with most good eating size and a few real lunkers. Anchor on the edge of the weed patches or where you can drop your line into breaks in the lily pads. Patches of lily pads are easy to find by mid-June. If the fish are there, they will bite. If you don’t get a hit after dunking your line around the boat, move a short ways and try again. Perch like to travel in schools, so when you catch one you usually catch plenty.  If the wind isn’t blowing you can drift around slowly to find the fish. 

For bass, present your lure or live bait of choice by casting towards any visible underwater cover such as rocks, weeds, dock posts, laydown brush or tree limbs etc. Also, fish near any sharp depth changes – such as where deeper water might cut in towards the shoreline or a point of land. 

The can’t miss bait for bass in the reservoir is crawfish. You can catch them after dark using a light in rocky shallow water, or try turning over rocks. A fine mesh net helps! Green rubber worms fished slow are also very effective. When you feel a bass pick up the bait let them have it for a few seconds before tightening the line and setting the hook—then hang on for a fight!

Get Your Fishing License

You can purchase a fishing license at Tomlinsons Store in Morrisville, from the Hyde Park Town Clerk or online

Nearby Boating Access Areas

Boat access is a cartop gravel ramp in the southern part of the 554 acre reservoir. The reservoir is designated as a “quiet” lake under Vermont “Use of Public Waters Rules.” Boats powered by electric motors up to 5 mph and human-powered watercraft (canoes, kayaks, etc.) are allowed.