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Woodford State Park on Adams Reservoir

Woodford State Park on Adams Reservoir is located at 142 State Park Rd, Woodford, VT

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Lake Area:

23 acres

Lake Max. Depth:

15 feet

Fish Species

Brook trout and brown bullhead. Trophy brook trout, measuring more than 16" are aslo stocked in Adams Reservoir each spring.

Fishing at Woodford State Park

Park Fishing Tips

As Adams Reservoir is primarily a brook trout fishery, anglers will want to use traditional trout fishing tactics and equipment. A great place to start is with a basic nightcrawler and bobber rig. This setup is time-tested and proven for trout throughout the spring, summer and fall. Adjust the position of the bobber on your line in relation to your bait until you find a productive depth in the water column.

You can also try fishing artificials such as inline spinners or small metallic spoons such as a "Swedish Pimple" or "Kasmaster" in order to trigger trout into biting. Other lures that may work include small minnow-imitating stickbaits or crankbaits, as well as various fly offerings presented with a fly rod and reel.

Try fishing around shoreline cover first, but if unsuccessful, use a canoe or kayak to move off the bank into deeper water until you connect with the beautiful brookies found in Adams Reservoir.

Nearby Fishing License Dealers

You can purchase a license at Tiffts Trading Post, Woodford, VT, or online.

Nearby Boating Access Areas

At Woodford State Park, you can put in your canoe or kayak right from shore.