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Silver Lake State Park

Silver Lake State Park is located at 20 State Park Beach Rd, Barnard, VT

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Lake Area:

84 acres

Lake Max. Depth:

32 feet

Fish Species

Largemouth bass, northern pike, pumpkinseedyellow perch and rock bass.


Silver Lake is a relatively shallow waterbody that primarily supports warm water fish. The lake features fish-holding habitat including boat docks, submerged vegetation, rocky points, overhanging trees and underwater brush.canoe with fishing poles

Park Fishing Tips

Try fishing various lures around any visible aquatic cover such as underwater rocks, aquatic vegetation and boat docks. These all provide shady ambush spots that predatory fish, such as bass and pike, like to wait in to ambush their next meal.

Bottom bouncing lures such as jigs can be great crayfish imitators while spinners, crankbaits and stickbaits can be retrieved with faster, steadier motions to imitate fleeing baitfish and lure in nearby feeding fish.

Try fishing at different depths, from on the bottom, in the middle, and near the top of the water to figure out where the fish are feeding. Also, a basic nightcrawler and bobber rig is a fail-proof setup for catching nearly any species of fish in Silver Lake and shouldn't be overlooked!

Nearby Fishing License Dealers

You can purchase a fishing license at the park office or online.

Nearby Public Boating Access Areas

Visitors can easily launch kayaks, canoes and rowboats from the park shore. Although Silver Lake State Park does not have a public boating access area for motorboats and trailers, Sliver Lake does have access for car-top vessels.