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Ricker Pond State Park

Ricker Pond State Park is located at 18 Ricker Pond Campground, Groton, VT

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Lake Area:

92 acres

Lake Max. Depth: 

31 feet

Fish Species

Largemouth and smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, yellow perch, brown bullhead, and a variety of panfish


Ricker Pond is a relatively shallow pond with an average depth of 12 feet.  It features clear water and a primarily hard bottom consisting of sand, boulders and gravel or cobble. The pond’s many boulders and rock piles provide excellent cover for fish to hide around.

Park Fishing Tips

Fishing a clear, northern waterbody like Ricker Pond can be simple and very productive. Try fishing from shore with live bait for a wide variety of species. A basic nightcrawler and bobber rig is tough to beat for the various fish found in Ricker Pond.  Or you can cast out and retrieve a crankbait for a chance at a bass. 

Present your lure or live bait of choice by casting towards any visible underwater cover such as rocks, weeds, dock posts, laydown brush or tree limbs etc. Also, fish near any sharp depth changes – such as where deeper water might cut in towards the shoreline or a point of land. 

Shore fishing access can be found near the boat launch, south of the park on the rail trail, or by driving to the pull-off on the south end of the pond. Canoes and kayaks are also available for rental. 

Get Your Fishing License

You can purchase a fishing license at the Ricker Pond State Park office, from the Upper Valley Grill in Groton, or online

Nearby Boating Access Areas

Campers can launch their canoes or kayaks from the park shoreline, or take advantage of the gravel ramp trailer launch in the park. There is an informal cartop launch on the south side of the lake, too.