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Bear on Appalachian Trail Put Down after Ransacking Property

Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is asking the public to be mindful of bears when out camping or hiking in the woods this summer. This morning a bear that had been frequenting the area around the Goddard Shelter on the Appalachian Trail in Glastonbury was put down by Vermont State Game Wardens after it was determined that the bear continued to approach people on the trail and ransack camper property, including two tents, in the effort to find discarded food.

“The bear had become so accustomed to finding food among humans that it had lost its fear of them,” noted Lieutenant Dennis Amsden, “The bear had taken backpacks, entered the occupied shelter and charged at least one hiker.”

“It’s unfortunate that this bear was killed because of our inability to keep human foods from him,” noted bear project leader Forrest Hammond. “This bear had begun displaying behavior that set off red flags for us for someone eventually getting hurt. The number and severity of calls from hikers and campers had increased in recent days with a call on Thursday that involved an anguished plea for help. We are fortunate that no one other than the bear ended up badly hurt.”

Hammond noted there was good coordination and response from the AT staff and game wardens, and that bear-proof food lockers are now available at shelters in the area and more education material was posted advising hikers of how to behave in bear country. 

See the Department website for more information about living with bears or to report a bear encounter see…

For Immediate Release:  July 12, 2019
Media Contacts: 
Forrest Hammond, 802-289-0626; Lt. Dennis Amsden, 802-289-0630