F&W Asks for Help with Morrisville Bear

18 May 2020

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is asking people who live in the Morrisville area to help in removing any potential food sources that might attract bears. 

“A female bear with three cubs has been repeatedly getting into garbage containers left outside and bird feeders in downtown Morrisville,” said Vermont State Game Warden Jeremy Schmid.  “We are asking everyone in the area to help by removing all bird feeders and securing garbage containers and not putting them out until the morning of pickup.” 

“So far this bear has not gotten into any serious trouble, but residents can help by removing food sources that would attract her so she doesn’t cause problems that could result in a sad ending.”

“In addition to removing birdfeeders and securing garbage, we recommend that residents avoid giving bears an easy entrance by locking doors and shutting downstairs windows at night.  Motion-activated lights and alarms can also be used to deter bears that wander too close to homes.”

“We have had success in other communities in getting a bear to change its behavior,” said bear project leader Forrest Hammond, “but it takes everyone pulling together to remove the attractants for it to work.  If the bear continues to receive human foods, her behavior will only get worse – perhaps to the point she is a threat to human safety.”

The Fish and Wildlife Department is asking the public to report all bear conflicts to the department’s website at www.vtfishandwildlife.com.  Reporting an incident helps track problem areas and allows wardens or biologists to advise residents on ways to mitigate the problem.  Residents are reminded that it is illegal to feed bears in Vermont.

More information on living with Vermont’s bears can be found at:  https://vtfishandwildlife.com/learn-more/living-with-wildlife/living-wit...

For Immediate Release:  May 18, 2020

Media Contacts:  Forrest Hammond 802-777-7493; Jeremy Schmid 802-595-4815

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