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Vermont State Recognized Tribal Citizen Licenses Available in 2021

Free Vermont state recognized tribal citizen hunting and fishing licenses will become available in January, 2021, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

The department issued a reminder that state recognized tribal citizens must purchase 2020 licenses if they want to go hunting and fishing before January and that they may obtain a free permanent license when they become available in January.

Beginning January 1, 2021, the department may issue to a certified citizen of a Native American Indian tribe recognized by the State, upon application and receipt of a current and valid tribal identification card, a free permanent fishing license or, if the applicant qualifies for a hunting license, a free permanent combination hunting and fishing license.  Additional licenses, permits and add-on tags are not included.

Applicants must provide the following:

• Abenaki Hunting and Fishing License Tribal Certification form certified

   by the appropriate tribal official

• Copy of current and valid tribal identification card

• Vermont Sporting License Application

• Proof of a previous hunting license from any state or province of Canada, or hunter safety card   if requesting a hunting and fishing combination license.

If the applicant has held a hunting license previously but is unable to locate a copy, a license affidavit form may be included with the license application.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife will provide the information and forms on its website in mid-December. 

For Immediate Release:  November 9, 2020

Media Contact:  Catherine Gjessing (802) 595-3331