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Vermont Walleye Fishing Season opens Saturday, May 4


The Vermont walleye fishing season will open on Saturday, May 4, marking the return of some of the best walleye fishing in New England.


Vermont has excellent spring walleye fishing opportunities in several lakes and rivers across the state.  Such opportunities include Lake Champlain and its tributaries – the Missisquoi, Lamoille and Winooski rivers and Otter Creek.  Salem Lake and Island Pond also have walleye populations.


A trio of additional waters – Lake Carmi, Chittenden Reservoir and the Connecticut River, also offer quality walleye fishing but are subject to specific regulations.


In all waters of Vermont except Lake Carmi, Chittenden Reservoir and the Connecticut River, walleye have an 18” minimum length requirement and three-fish daily limit.  The open season is from Saturday, May 4 through March 15, 2020. 

Lake Carmi has a slot limit for walleye because of the lake’s high productivity and high rate of walleye harvest.  The minimum length is 15 inches and all walleye between 17 and 19 inches must be released.  The daily limit is five walleye, but only one may be over 19 inches long.  The season is open May 4 through March 15.

Chittenden Reservoir has special walleye regulations in order to produce large walleye that can help control its over-abundant yellow perch population and provide anglers with an opportunity to harvest a trophy walleye.  The minimum length is 22 inches, the daily limit is two, and the season is open June 1 through March 15. 

Connecticut River walleye fishing rules are set by New Hampshire.  No walleye between 16 and 18 inches may be kept, and the daily limit is four fish, of which only one may be longer than 18 inches.

Salem Lake and Island Pond provide walleye fishing opportunities in the Northeast Kingdom.  The Island Pond walleye population has been on the rebound since the Fish & Wildlife Department resumed stocking there in 2014. 

As a reminder to anglers, there is no open season on sauger, a close cousin to the walleye.  Once more abundant in southern Lake Champlain, sauger may still appear there rarely.  If caught while fishing for other fish, sauger must be immediately released.


Anglers are encouraged to read about current fishing regulations in the 2019 Vermont Fishing Guide & Regulations available free from any Vermont license agent.  To purchase a fishing license or learn more about fishing in Vermont, visit


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