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Vermont Muzzleloader Antlerless Deer Permit Winners Announced

Deer hunters who applied for a Vermont muzzleloader season antlerless deer permit by the August 3 deadline can now go to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife website ( to see if they won a permit.  

Fish and Wildlife announced the permit winners on September 14, after conducting a randomized computer drawing.  Permit winners are listed in two categories: regular lottery winners and landowners.  Landowners who apply for a landowner antlerless permit are prohibited by law from posting their land against hunting.  

“Hunters can go to our website to find out if they are recipients of a muzzleloader season antlerless permit,” said Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Christopher Herrick.  “Knowing early if they’ve won, will help them plan their hunting this fall.”  

“They can follow a link on our home page to go to the listing of permit winners.”

Permit recipients will need to reprint their licenses which have been reformatted to include their antlerless permits.  Paper “post card” permits will not be sent in regular mail.

Antlerless permits were available for 19 of Vermont’s 21 Wildlife Management Units and may be used during the muzzleloader seasons on October 27-30 (antlerless hunting by permit only) and December 3-11.  

“In recent years, the department has successfully reduced deer numbers in many parts of Vermont to bring populations into balance with their habitat,” said Nick Fortin, deer and moose project leader for the Fish and Wildlife Department.  “As a result, the goal is now to maintain current deer numbers in most of the state.”

Deer populations in five wildlife management units, primarily in the Champlain Valley, remain above their respective population objectives.  The goal is to reduce deer numbers in those areas.”

“Harvesting antlerless deer affords Vermont hunters the chance to secure locally sourced food for their families.  It also helps the department balance the deer population with the available habitat.”

Fish and Wildlife urges hunters to review the 2022 Deer Season Guide also available its website home page.   


Media Contacts:  Nick Fortin 802-793-877, Mark Scott 802-777-4217; David Sausville 802-324-4206