Strategic Wood Addition to Improve Stream Habitat

Rivers were cleared for floating logs in Vermont's 1800's.

Many of Vermont’s streams are currently lacking a very important habitat feature, large woody material. Mature forests naturally contribute large woody material to streams, where it provides habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms and contributes to natural stream functions. 

Spring Peeper

The Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) is one of Vermont's smallest frogs. Peepers fill their vocal sacs with air until they look like a balloon, then they let out a "peep" as they release the air. Its call can either be a short ascending whistle or it may be broken into a series of ascending peeps.

Eastern Newt

The Eastern Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) as a juvenile is reddish-orange with slightly bumpy skin. As an adult, the Eastern Newt turns olive green and their bellies reveal scattered black spots on a bright yellow background. They reach 5 inches in length. Juveniles and adults both have a dark horizontal line going through their eyes and rows of red spots outlined in black along their backs.

Blue-Spotted Salamander

Blue-Spotted Salamander

Roughly 360 million years ago, the first vertebrates heaved themselves out of the ocean to begin life on land. These animals were amphibians. Although there were once 15 major groups of amphibians, today only three remain: frogs and toads, salamanders, and wormlike animals called caecilians found only in the tropics.

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