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Big Game Management Plan 2020-2030

Vermont’s 2020-2030 Big Game Management Plan guides deer, bear, moose, and wild turkey management over the next decade.

The plan identifies the issues these species face such as habitat loss and disease, establishes sustainable population and management goals, and prescribes the strategies needed to achieve those goals.

While these strategies act as a road map for regulation development, the 2020-2030 Big Game Plan is not a regulation setting document.  As a result, specific regulations are not discussed.big game plan cover


The plan is updated every decade. The 2020-2030 plan is the culmination of two years of public survey data, biological data, public meetings, and department thinking.

Public Input on the Plan

A virtual public meeting was held and comments on the plan were solicited for several months. The link below summarizes the comments received and the department's responses.

Big Game Management Plan Public Comments and Reponses

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