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fishing and hunting

Vermont annually holds lotteries for moose and antlerless deer hunting permits, as well as for a lifetime license. The number of hunting permits offered in the lotteries varies depending on the biological conditions of the moose and deer herds.


Antlerless Deer Muzzleloader Lottery

Two does in a fieldVermont's antlerless deer muzzleloader permit lottery is open. 22,000 permits are available. Deadline to apply is August 2, 2023.


Moose Lottery

bull moose in brushVermont's Moose Season Lottery is now open. 174 Permits are available through the lottery for WMU E1 or E2. Apply for a permit today.


Lifetime License Lottery

women fishing and lifetime lottery ticket overlayFor $2.00 you can take a chance on winning a lifetime of FREE hunting and fishing in Vermont!