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Road Improvement Project Begins at Bill Sladyk Wildlife Management Area

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department will be completing a significant road improvement project on Bill Sladyk Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Holland and Norton, from October through early November.  

The project will be carried out with one-time funds from the legislature awarded to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources under the 2021 Act 9, An Act Related to COVID-19 Relief, to improve infrastructure and support increased access on state lands arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Approximately five miles of roads on the Bill Sladyk WMA will be resurfaced with gravel.  Culverts will be installed and replaced along with installation of broad-based dips and parking lots.  The work will occur primarily on the road system located north of Ben Cole Clearing with some work on portions of the Hurricane Road.  

The WMA as a whole will remain open to the public during construction.  Most affected sections of roadway will remain open as well, but drivers should use caution and may be delayed at times. 

Most of the construction activity is planned to be completed by the start of the regular November deer rifle season.  Information about the status of the road construction activities will be available on the department website at  

“Although the access project may cause short term inconvenience or disruption for some activities this fall, the long-term benefits of improved road access, parking and maintaining safe infrastructure supported by these funds will benefit everyone who uses the Bill Sladyk WMA for many years into the future,” said Wildlife Biologist Timothy Appleton, who manages the WMA.


Media Contact:  Timothy Appleton 802-793-5262