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General License Information

Are there any special qualifications for purchasing a hunting, fishing, or trapping license in Vermont?

Anyone who is eligible to purchase a license may purchase a fishing license in Vermont. Kids under 15 fish for free, and youths 15-17 can purchase a youth fishing license. You do not need to have taken any type of course to fish in Vermont.

To purchase a hunting license, you must have passed a certified hunter safety course. To purchase an archery license, you must have passed a certified bow-hunting safety course. To purchase a trapping license you must have passed a trappers safety course. You may have taken this course in any state or Canadian province. For information about approved safety courses, go to our Hunter Education page. You also can purchase a hunting, combination hunting and fishing, archery, or trapping license by providing proof of having a previous or current hunting, combination, archery or trapping license from Vermont or any state or Canandian province.

You must also be eligible to purchase a license, which means: no hunting, fishing, or trapping license or permit of yours is currently under revocation in any state that is a member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, nor is your right to obtain one under revocation; you are not delinquent in any obligation to pay child support; you are in good standing with respect to any unpaid judgment issued by the judicial bureau or district court for fines and penalties for a violation or criminal offense.

How do I qualify as a Vermont resident when purchasing a license?

You must have lived in Vermont for at least six months at the time you purchase your license to qualify as a resident. You must also not be claiming residency in any other state for any purpose. Owning land or a house in Vermont does not qualify you as a Vermont resident.

Are licenses refundable?

No, department-issued licenses are non-transferable and purchases are non-refundable.

What is a Conservation ID Number?

A conservation ID number or CID# is your unique identifier in the department’s license database. You may use your CID to purchase your license online at our website or at any participating license agent or department district office. When you (or a license agent) enter your CID number into the system, your information will automatically come up on the screen, eliminating the need to type it in.

What if I lose or damage my license, tags or permits?

You may reprint your license online at no cost from our website. Enter your name or conservation ID number, and follow the prompts for reprinting a license. Additionally, any participating license agent or department district office can reprint your license, though they may charge up to a $1.50 administrative fee for this service. You may also call the department’s licensing unit at 802-828-1190 to have a copy of your license mailed to you.

I do not have a computer or printer, how can I buy a license, stamps or apply for permits?

You may go to any participating license agent, department district office, a local library, or use a friend’s computer and printer.

Where can I apply for moose lottery and antlerless deer lottery applications?

What do I need to purchase a lifetime license?

Lifetime licenses can only be purchased through our main office in Montpelier and require an application and copy of a certified birth certificate. The completed application and required documentation can be mailed to the licensing division in Montpelier.

I’ve purchased my Vermont hunting or fishing license online in the past, is my old customer information in the license agent’s system?

If you have purchased a hunting, fishing, or trapping license in Vermont since 2009, your information should be in the system. You can enter your name and date of birth OR your Conservation ID number to look up this information.

How do blind, paraplegic or veterans with 60% service-related disabilities obtain fishing or hunting licenses?

These types of licenses require certain types of documentation and are only processed at our main office in Montpelier. You can bring the required documentation to the closest district office for submission. Please contact our licensing unit at 802-828-1190 to learn what documentation is required.

Is it legal to carry an electronic version of my license on my handheld device?

Yes, it is legal for all adults to carry an electronic version of their license on their phone or tablet. However, minors must continue to carry a physical license with a signature of a parent or legal guardian to be legal. If license holders decide to carry their license electronically, they can use the new plastic coated transportation tags as their tag. You can pick up these transportation tags at most license agents statewide, any district office and our main office in Montpelier.

When transporting my harvest, what tag should I use?

You can use the tags printed on your license OR you can use the orange transportation tags available from license agents and Fish & Wildlife offices.

Online License Sales

Is there a service fee for purchasing online?

No, there is no service fee for purchasing a license online.

Does the online licensing system offer both resident and non-resident licenses?

Yes. Please read the qualifications for purchasing a license as a Vermont resident.

What do I do if I realize I have made a mistake on my license purchase?

Contact the Licensing Office at 802-828-1190.

What do I need to purchase a license from my home computer?

You will need a printer and a VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER credit card.

Can I print out my own license, tags, stamps, and permits?

Yes, you may go to our website to purchase and print a license, or to reprint existing licenses and tags.

I did not buy all the tags I wanted. Can I add more tags on my license?

Yes. You would use the Purchase add on options under current year licenses at any time and reprint your license.

Do I need a printer to purchase a license online?

An electronic or digital copy of the license is acceptable proof of a valid license. However, tags are requied to be carried while big game hunting, and minor children must still carry a paper license signed by thier parent. The license you print at your printer is a valid, official license and no other license will be mailed to you.

Will my Vermont license print on waterproof/tear resistant paper?

Your license will print on the paper that is loaded into your printer.

How can I improve the durability of my license and tags so it doesn’t get wet or torn?

You can now remove your tags from your license. You can protect the tags from the elements any way you see fit. A quick and easy suggestion is to put clear packing tape over your tag in order to preserve its longevity. You may also purchase waterproof paper and print your license directly on that paper on your home printer. Additionally, many license agents will print your license on waterproof paper for a small fee.

What do I do if my printer failed when printing the license?

With each online purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to reprint your license in the event it is lost or damaged. Or you may return to our website at any time to reprint your license.

Can a minor (15-17 years of age) buy a fishing license through a computer with Internet access?

Yes, a minor may purchase a fishing license online. However, a signature of a parent or guardian is required for any one 15 years of age or younger.

Can a minor buy a hunting or combination license through a computer with internet access?

Yes, a minor may purchase a hunting or combination license online (assuming he or she has passed a state-approved safety course). However, a signature of a parent or guardian is required for anyone 15 years of age or younger.

Can I buy a trapping license online?

Yes, you can now buy a trapping license online at our website. You may also buy a trapping license at any participating license agent or department district office. Make sure you meet the requirements for purchasing a trapping license:

  1. A previous or current trapping license from Vermont or any state or Canadian province; or
  2. A certificate or a letter of proof showing satisfactory completion of an approved trapping education course from Vermont or any other state or province; or
  3. Completed affidavit attesting to having a prior trapping license from Vermont or any other state or province.

Can I purchase a lifetime license online?

Lifetime licenses can only be purchased through our main office in Montpelier, however you can download the application and mail it along with the required documentation to the licensing division in Montpelier. 

My child has a lifetime license and just passed Hunter Education, what is my next step?

Activating a lifetime license can only be done through our main office. Their profile will need to be updated and proof of hunter education may be needed in order to activate. Call our licensing division at 802-828-1190.

Is the online licensing website secure for credit card transactions?

Yes, our online license sales are performed on a secure connection through SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Throughout the entire process, all entered data, including the credit card information, all the personal information, and items selected for purchase will be encrypted. Our online licensing website is certified by VeriSign.

Can I buy a license as a gift for someone else?

When purchasing a license, there are specific certifications required in order to purchase a license. No person other than the applicant can attest to those certifications.

However, you can purchase a gift certificate from our online license center that can be redeemed toward the online purchase of eligible hunting and fishing licenses provided by VT Fish & Wildlife Department.

Learn more about our gift certificates


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