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Frequently Asked/Answered Questions

Watershed Grant

Funds local efforts related to stewardship and enjoyment of our water resources.

Shooting Range Improvement Grant

Encourages the enhancement of non-profit and municipal shooting ranges and provides Vermonters with safe, environmentally responsible shooting areas.

Clean Vessel Act Grant

Provides funding for the construction, renovation, operation, or maintenance of pumpout stations, pumpout boats, and dump stations used by boaters.

Managing Your Pond

Having your own pond full of fish can bring lots of enjoyment. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about managing fish ponds.

Deerfield Wind Black Bear Study

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is studying how the construction and operation of wind turbines in the Green Mountain National Forest affects local bears.  The study, known as the Deerfield Wind Black Bear Study, is a long-term study designed to better understand how wind energy development within critical bear habitat affects bear use of that habitat and the surrounding landscape.

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