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Fifty-eight species of mammals are found in Vermont. From the American pygmy shrew to the moose, Vermont mammals exhibit a diversity of sizes, habits, and habitats.

""long-eared batWhile a handful of Vermont’s mammals are important to our hunting and trapping tradition, most are small, nocturnal animals we may go a lifetime without seeing.

  • 3 are non-native species – house mouse, brown rat and Eastern cottontail
  • 35 are small mammals – weighing less than 1.1 lbs.
  • 17 species are believed to be rare or uncommon and are tracked in the Natural Heritage Database
  • 5 hibernating bat species are state-listed as endangered following a recent frightening decline due to White-nose Syndrome. Learn more about Vermont’s bats
  • 2 are very rare, recently-returned carnivore species – Canadian lynx and American marten

Other rare species, like the Long-tailed Shrew, Rock Vole, and Southern Bog Lemming, are lesser-known.

Additional Resources

Mammals of Vermont - A list of mammal species known to regularly occur in Vermont, as well as their conservation status.

Small Mammal Atlas - This site provides information about the life history, distribution and habitat requirements of 23 species of terrestrial small mammals in Vermont.

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