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Conservation License Plate

soaring eagle with three conservation license plates and drive yourself wild text

Purchase a Vermont conservation license plate for your car or truck and let others know you believe Vermont's animals, plants and natural communities are worth protecting. 

Proceeds from the sale of conservation plates support the Nongame Wildlife Fund and the Watershed Grant Fund.

How Do I Purchase A Conservation Plate?

Fill out a Conservation License Plate Application and mail it to Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can also pick up your plates at the DMV main office in Montpelier.

Apply for a Conservation Plate Now

Nongame Wildlife Fund
juvenile wood turtle
Wood turtles are one of the species helped by the Nongame Wildlife Fund.

The Nongame Wildlife Fund helps protect and restore Vermont's endangered wildlife for future generations to enjoy. Click here to learn more about the Nongame Wildlife Fund. 

Watershed Grant Fund

The Watershed Grant Fund assists local efforts related to stewardship and enjoyment of our water resources. The fund provides grants to towns, nonprofit organizations and community groups with specific watershed projects. A watershed is a river, stream, lake, pond, or wetland along with the surrounding land and water that drains into it.

before and after image of stream with dam removed

Past Projects Include:

  • Managing storm runoff to protect local streams.
  • Removal of abandoned dams.
  • Improving fish habitat.
  • Developing wetland educational programs for children.
  • Improving canoe access to rivers.

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