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Landowner-Hunter Connection Terms of Use

The Landowner - Hunter Connection program is offered strictly as a convenience and service to landowners looking for hunters to help manage deer densities, reduce property damage and improve habitat.

Every Landowner - Hunter Connection user accepts full and personal responsibility for any hunting access arrangements he or she may make through this service. Landowner - Hunter Connection users are not prescreened by any agency; therefore all potential Landowner - Hunter Connection users should exercise caution and discretion before accepting or offering hunting access arrangements, and in general take whatever steps he or she deems necessary to ensure one's personal safety.

Sponsors and/or hosts of this site accept no responsibility for actions of any individuals using the Landowner - Hunter Connection program.

I understand the above statement and accept full responsibility for my participation in the Landowner - Hunter Connection service. I agree to hold harmless Landowner - Hunter Connection, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, and all sponsors and hosts of the Landowner - Hunter Connection site for any actions resulting from, or claims arising out of, my participation in the Landowner - Hunter Connection program.