Mid-Depth Lures and Rigs - Fishing Spoons

With a history dating back to the mid-1800s, the fishing spoon has stood the test of time and been proven over and over as a simple yet effective fish-catching tool for a range of species from small to large.

Whether you’re trying to imitate a school of smelt in deep water while targeting salmon, jigging vertically for smallmouth bass or fishing around wood and weeds for largemouth bass or pike, a properly selected spoon can often make for a very fun and productive day on the water.

Mid-Depth Lures and Rigs - Stickbaits or Jerkbaits

Time-tested and proven over decades of use, stickbaits are a deadly tool for targeting just about all species of fish from small to large, coldwater and warmwater.

Often called jerkbaits, slashbaits or minnow baits, the term “stickbait” refers to a series of versatile hard-body lures that may be the most well-known multi-species baits in the history of sport fishing.


Mid-Depth Lures and Rigs - Crankbaits

Crankbaits are a versatile tool for imitating various types of baitfish and triggering reaction strikes from both feeding and lethargic fish.

From cold water species such as trout and salmon, to warm water fish like bass, pike, walleye, perch and panfish, a properly selected crankbait can often be one of the most important lures in an angler’s tackle box.


Mid-Depth Lures and Rigs - Basic Bobber Rig

The basic bobber rig may be the most widely used rig in all of fishing for targeting all types of fish.

The basic bobber rig can be set up in a wide variety of fashions and is frequently used by novice anglers due to its ease of use and ability to catch fish. Whether you’re fishing a lake or river, from a boat or from the bank, a basic bobber rig is tough to beat!

Fishing Hook with Bobber

Bottom Lures - Sliding Sinker Rig

Similar in concept to the Carolina-rig, the sliding sinker rig, or lindy rig, is one of the most popular and adaptable setups for live bait fishing.

Given the variety of weight, hook and bait combinations that may be used with this basic setup, the sliding sinker rig can be a go-to option for novice and experienced anglers alike targeting many different species of fish.

Lindy Rig

Bottom Lures - Split-Shot Rig

A time-honored fishing setup, the split-shot rig is an extremely versatile rig for catching everything from trout and bass to walleyes, panfish and even catfish.

While fishing a split-shot rig in deeper water will require greater patience, this is a proven rig that is worth trying during your next fishing adventure.

Split Shot and Hook

Bottom Lures - Texas Rig

A rig commonly utilized by bass anglers, the Texas Rig is known for its ability to remain “weedless” and be retrieved through all types of cover such as submerged vegetation, rocks and wood without “hanging up.”

Texas Rig

  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Year-round, open water

Bottom Lures - Three Way Rig & Stream Rig

The Three Way Rig and Stream Rig are most commonly drifted or trolled in river or current situations to keep the bait a set distance off the bottom.

The primary difference between the two setups is that the Stream Rig is more of a finesse setup than the Three Way Rig and it is typically used with lighter line, smaller hooks and less weight.

Three Way Rig

Bottom Lures - Drop-Shot Rig

The drop-shot rig has become increasingly popular in recent years as an effective tactic for targeting a variety of species of fish at any time of the year.

While drop-shot rigs are generally fished around bottom structure, they can also be “counted down” to catch suspended fish in the middle of the water column.

Dropshot Rig

Bottom Lures - Crankbaits

Crankbaits are a multi-species lure and are a versatile tool for imitating various types of baitfish, triggering reaction strikes from both feeding and lethargic fish.


  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Year-round, open water


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