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Fish Division

The Fish Division is responsible for the conservation and management of all fish and aquatic habitats throughout Vermont.

large rainbow trout

Staff members are engaged in a wide variety of activities, including:

Fish Management

  • Monitoring populations of sport fish species, endangered species, and their habitats;
  • Cooperating in the research, management, and restoration of fish communities in the Lake Champlain, Lake Memphremagog, Hudson River, and Connecticut River Basins;
  • Monitoring fish health; regulating fish importation;
  • Preventing the spread of aquatic nuisance species;
  • Controlling sea lamprey in Lake Champlain;
  • Evaluating current and preparing new fishing harvest regulation recommendations for lake trout, brook trout, perch, northern pike, walleye, bass, and other species;
  • Participating in the protection of aquatic species and critical aquatic habitat through regulatory processes such as Act 250, Aquatic Organism Passage, and technical assistance; and
  • Preparing educational materials.

Fish Culture

  • Operating five state fish hatcheries that rear and stock trout, salmon, and walleye annually for recreational and restoration purposes.

Access Areas

  • Maintaining 170 developed fishing access areas, and a variety of riparian lands that provide public access to waters in Vermont for shore fishing opportunities and launching of water craft.

Staff Locator 
Use this link to look up the phone or email address of department personnel, by Name, Town, or Phone Number.

Meet the Fisheries Staff 
Use this link to learn more about our fisheries staff or click on the individual's name.

Director of Fisheries: Eric Palmer
Environmental Assessment: Vacant
Facility and Lands Admin: Mike Wichrowski
Access Area Coordinator: Dylan Smith
Fisheries Program Managers: Maureen LynchMargaret Murphy
Fisheries Biologists: Courtney BuckleyPete Emerson, Austin GalinatShawn Good, Jud Kratzer, Bret LadagoBernie Pientka, Lee SimardLael Will 
Aquatic Habitat Biologist: William Eldridge
Habitat Protection Specialist: James Brady
Fish & Wildlife Specialists: Joel FlewellingDavid Gibson,​ Cooper Brochu, Levi BrownRyan Smith  
Program Technician II: Bailey Thibault