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Snakes of Vermont

Vermont has 11 snake species with the majority being harmless and beneficial. Here is some information on a few of them.

Uncommon Snakes

timber rattlesnake

Timber Rattlesnake - State Endangered

Timber Rattlesnake Life History

Timber Rattlesnake Recovery Plan

Rattlesnake Research - Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department biologist captures a timber rattlesnake as part of ongoing research on snake fungal disease in Vermont.


eastern ratsnakeEastern Ratsnake - State Threatened

Eastern Ratsnake Life History




 North American north american racerRacer - State Threatened

 Learn more about North American racer at the Animal Diversity Website



eastern ribbonsnakeEastern Ribbonsnake - Rare

Eastern Ribbonsnake Life History




Common Snakes

common garter snakeCommon Gartersnake

Common Gartersnake Life History





Milksnake Life History




northern watersnakeNorthern Watersnake

Learn more about northern watersnake at the Animal Diversity Website



red-bellied snakeRed-bellied Snake

Learn more about red-bellied snake at the Animal Diversity Website




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