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Fish Habits and Habitats

Having a basic understanding of common fish behaviors and habitats is essential to maximizing your time on the water and giving yourself the best chance for angling success.

While each species has its own specific habits and preferred habitats, there are a few universal themes that can often be applied to various types of fish.

That being said, we have provided links to a few of these key concepts and terms for various types of waterways that we think will be useful to many types of anglers.

Remember – these concepts aren’t prescribed formulas for fishing success, but rather basic ideas to help get you started. From here, it’s all about getting time on the water and learning the intricacies of Vermont’s diverse aquatic ecosystems!

Rivers and Streams

Successful river and stream anglers know where the water is moving and how fish behave in it.

Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs

Lakes, ponds and reservoirs offer fish plenty of plant food and cover for hiding, making these waterbodies prime fishing spots.

More Fishing Tips and Fish Behavior

From basic fishing tips to what you need in your fishing tackle box, here are some great tips for becoming a better angler

Aquatic Habitat and Fishing

The video features a discussion with VFWD Fish Biologist Shawn Good about aquatic habitat and it's role in targeting fish.