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Common Lures and Rigs

While today’s angling community has access to a seemingly endless assortment of fishing lures and rigs for varying species, bodies of waters, habitats, water and weather conditions, and fishing techniques, here is a list of some of the more common lures and rigs utilized by anglers of all types.

Our list is broken down by where the lure or rig is generally fished within the water column – bottom, middle of the water column, or on top of the water. Descriptive information is provided as to which species are generally targeted with each lure or rig, and in what application they are used most often.

This basic information will help anglers in their pre-fishing trip planning, as well as out on the water in search of their next big catch!

Tip for beginning anglers: Consider trying the Basic Bobber Rig, the Sliding Sinker Rig, and Jigs.

Bottom Lures and Rigs

Mid-Depth Lures and Rigs

Top Water Lures and Rigs


Basic Bobber Rig

Poppers and Walking-Style Baits



Top Water Frog-Style Baits

Split-shot Rig

Stickbaits or Jerkbaits

Weedless Surface Spoons

Carolina Rig

Casting, Trolling, Jigging & Weedless Spoons


Texas Rig

Spinner Baits

Floating Soft Plastics

Wacky Rig

Swim Jigs and Bladed Jigs


Drop-shot Rig


Bottom Bouncers and Bait Walkers


Sliding Sinker Rig (Lindy Rig)


Three Way Rig (Wolf River Rig)